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Clopay Garage Doors

Clopay Garage Doors
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Why Choose Clopay Garage Doors

Deciding which brand to purchase for your garage door can be a daunting task. That is because there are so many choices available for you in the market. We at Garage Door Repair Amelia Island offer reliable guidance for our clients in terms of choosing the door that best fits their homes. Clopay Doors is one of the companies we promote among our customers.Clopay Garage Doors

It is not surprising that we work with Clopay. We only associate with first class companies in the industry. They are known as the only company backed up by the Good Housekeeping Seal. This proves the kind of quality that their products possess. Moreover, it is the only door manufacturer that offers the Energy Star qualified fiberglass that greatly complements their residential garage doors.

Clopay Doors are versatile and durable

Of the numerous garage door products that Clopay has, those in the Gallery Collection are definitely standouts. These doors come in either an insulated 2- or 3-layer sandwich steel construction or non-insulated 2” steel frame construction. This means that you have the options according to your home insulation needs. For additional selections on the appearance of the doors, this collection features garage doors with long or short grooved panel designs with panel windows and decorative hardware.

Each door under this collection is painted with Ultra-grain stained wood look paint color. They come in five different colors. This gives the Gallery Collection from Clopay Doors a classic wooden look. Furthermore, garage doors under this collection are known to be highly customizable. This simply means that you can basically decide on the overall look of the door.

Do you want to have a window? It can be done. If you want to have that close look where the doors do not have windows, this can also be done. Not only are these doors good looking, they are also tough. These are steel garage doors which are among the most durable garage door types. They do not rot or get dented that easily. It’s definitely a wise choice.

Since these are steel garage doors, they do require regular maintenance routine consisting of timely cleaning and lubricating of movable parts such as the springs, rollers and tracks, cables, and hinges. Doing this would greatly extend your Clopay Garage Door service life.

We understand that choosing the right door for your garage is not an easy thing. That is why we try our very best to be of assistance to you to make the whole selection process easier. We work with only superior brands in the garage door industry. We assure you that the brands we recommend, including the Clopay Garage Doors, are of the highest quality in terms of durability, efficiency, and aesthetics.

We are here to get you acquainted with all products of Clopay Doors along with providing the necessary services you require for your new garage door. We deliver expert installation as well as provide assistance through a regular professional maintenance service, and service all garage door repairs.

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