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The insulation in your garage door helps keep the temperature inside steady, saving you money on cooling and heating. Scroll down our FAQ page below for answers to many of today’s most common questions concerning your garage door.

What kind of garage doors should I get?

Garage door types vary in order to make people's life easier. So, our experts suggest measuring the garage before you decide on door types. The way the door opens will depend on the size of the garage. This should be your prime concern before you start wondering about materials, aesthetics, and openers.

How easy is it to replace rollers?

Top and center garage door rollers are attached to hinges. The idea is to remove the roller by slightly bending the tracks. If the garage door hinges are rusty, they should be replaced, too. Bottom rollers are the most dangerous since they're attached to a bracket where the cable is also attached and could snap.

Is it safe to repaint a steel garage door?

Yes, although you might want to recheck the user manual to see specific instructions on repainting, as they differ from brand to brand. However, majority of steel doors have a baked-on coating that allows for easy repainting that lasts long. Latex exterior paints are the best choice, but avoid oil-based paints as they don't stay last long and can ruin the garage door's original exterior.

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