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Learn how to solve garage door problems efficiently and carefully by getting help from these tips

Provide cleaning before lubricating moving metal parts

You should use a solvent to remove rust and dirt from the moving metal garage door parts. You can apply lubricant only after they are perfectly clean. Our specialists in garage door repair Amelia Island recommend that you apply a thin layer of light lubricant. In this way, the door will work smoothly without accumulating dirt.

Run a check when the door is shaking while moving

This odd behavior can signal serious damage. It could be due to loose or broken pulley sheaves. Another possible cause is loosening of the hinges, tracks of brackets. In any case, timely repair will be required. The problem can also be with the horizontal hangers of the track. They may require adjusting.

Thicker is not always better

Don’t expect that the thicker u-shaped astragal used on a steel garage door is always better. You should always go for the perfect fit. Experts in garage door troubleshooting will always call for just the right size since having too much of it can affect the operation of the electric door opener. An overly thick astragal may erroneously trigger the safety reversal feature.

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