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Liftmaster Openers
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Why Liftmaster is the Best Option for You

Liftmaster is a trusted garage door opener brand, which is why Garage Door Repair Amelia Island has partnered with the company, as we believe in the quality of the products they provide. These openers are widely used in both residential and commercial settings.  Whether it’s for your home or office, we recommend using Liftmaster garage door openers. Safe, efficient, and cost effective products are what they provide. They use state of the art technology to ensure excellent quality in every item they produce.

Leaders in Innovation

Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

The company incorporates the latest technology in their products to provide superiority, safety, and convenience. This is not just with their garage door openers, but with all the other items they create as well. MyQ technology is one of the brand’s features. This magnificent system allows you to manage your garage door opener, as well as other products that use this technology via the internet even when you’re miles away. You may use a computer or smartphone to control them.

The openers from Liftmaster use the Motor Vibration Isolation System, which ensures that your opener operates quietly and smoothly. They also have 3/4 HP strength, which can lift even a heavy garage door. The Battery Backup lets you use the opener even when the electricity is out, which is a huge convenience.

Residential garage door openers from Liftmaster use the Protector System that prevents people, vehicles, and objects from being accidentally crashed by a closing garage door. It detects if there’s anything blocking the way and if something is detected, the door will automatically open. Their commercial door openers are UL325-2010 compliant. This means that you can be assured that their openers follow the latest safety standards in door openers. With this reason, we are confident to recommend this brand to all our customers, whether it’s for residential or commercial setting.

Aside from garage door openers, Liftmaster also produces an array of other products and accessories that can be utilized with garage doors and openers. Its universal garage door remote and keyless entry can be programmed to open not just the garage door, but your gate and light too. The monitor and Internet Gateway lets you check if the garage door is open or closed so you can easily close it without having to leave your home or office.

The Smart Control Panel is another product from Liftmaster. One of its features is the Maintenance Alert System that notifies you when it’s recommended for you to have the garage door system checked. This is an immense advantage upholding the working condition of your door and opener. Two of the newest Liftmaster   garage door openers are the Premium Series model 8360 and the Elite Series model 8550 use Security+ 2.0 technology. Interference is eliminated, thus keeping the opener safe from hackers. This truly enhances the security of your property. They also include the PosiLock system, which keeps your door shut when closed thus preventing unauthorized access.

With all the security features and convenience that Liftmaster offers, it’s no wonder that it’s now one of the most trusted brands in the industry. If you need any help with your Liftmaster opener and products, give us a call. Some of the services we offer include garage door opener installation and repair.

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